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Training Extract Edition 5

The latest issue of the PAT Training Extract - Edition 5 is now available. In addition to the established selection of Fare Construction Rules/ Ticketing examples, Fares and Rules, it covers the FLEX fares concept within ECAA countries and reflects any FCR/ General Rules changes related to this new fares concept. To order PTE 5 and other training products please go to the Training Products page

PAT Books - the official reference of IATA Consultancies and Passenger Fares and Ticketing courses

To understand the underlying pricing logic used in automated fare quotes, the IATA Training and Development Institute offers three levels of Passenger Fares and Ticketing courses, namely: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classroom courses. All of these courses use the Passenger Air Tariff Worldwide Fares, Rules and General Rules books. The PAT books are the main reference of both classroom and distance learning courses when completing the fare calculation formula, collection of taxes/fees/charges and analysing the conditions of the fares rules.

The PAT books are also used in auditing and Fare Constuction Validation sessions